Welcome to my website! My name is Bria and I am a 27 year old travel and fitness expert. In 2011, I took my first trip overseas to volunteer in Ukrainian orphanages. After this unique experience, I knew I had to travel again. In 2014 when I was 23, I made the terrifying decision to go Europe on my own. No one I knew had done this and my friends and family were certain I would be raped, kidnapped, or assaulted. Three years later, I have successfully been all around the globe! I am here to encourage other people to overcome fear and doubt and to give as much information as possible to make your trip more enjoyable, safe, and affordable.

          As a dreamer and believer, I hope to inspire you to reach your life goals while enjoying the journey! The website focuses primarily on travel and fitness but there will be more topics and discussions with time. Below describes more about me and my crazy life as well as what inspired me to start this website. The “blog” link contains information and tips for traveling. The website will feature fitness inspirations, workout videos and a wealth of other topics in the future. Please follow my travel life on instagram @goldilocks.adventures and keep up with the latest blog posts!

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