Upcoming Trip:

After six years in Australia and a global pandemic, the time has come to leave. No more free visas but I can always find a way back I tell myself. Now I have six months to prepare for the digital nomad life.

Based on weather and safety at this time the route will be: Indonesia, Taiwan, Philippines, Laos, Malaysia, UAE, Oman, Quatar, Kuwait, Jordan, Sri Lanka, India, Uzbekistan. Although some of those don’t have a great reputation, they are all safe now unless you run around at night outside of the safe areas. Same as the states. All are new countries except Malaysia and Indonesia. This will take one year.

I’ll be maximising the time of each visa and will be well prepared for what to see so I don’t waste time or energy on logistics and can have work + play. This is different than my usual last minute scrambling. Japan for example was chaos. I made zero plans and spent a lot of energy and time during the trip trying to decide where to go and where to stay. Even on my last trip it was hard—especially in South Korea. And Fiji! That trip was only 10 days and I spent at least 3 of them trying to decide what to do. Wish me luck and brain power.

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