Food Poisoning and Rotting Fish in Vietnam

Hello again my friends!

It’s been a long time in between travels due to the pandemic and getting stuck in Australia with a visa that wouldn’t let me leave for a year and a half without cancelling it. When I looked at the states it didn’t seem like a great time to go over there. Covid deaths and inflation and political stress along with the heavy gun crime all kept me away and feeling like I was better off in Australia.

But now it’s time to explore again and see family and a few countries. Currently I’m in Vietnam in a place called “The Color Bar” in Sa Pa. The fog finally cleared and I could actually see the mountains after waiting for days. I will post more on Vietnam soon but just a warning for those coming to Vietnam is to avoid dairy and ask about the meat in the restaurants to avoid food poisoning.

I was sick for three days after eating ice cream and a prebiotic milk from a mini mart in Ho Long. The next day the whole city lost electricity for 12 hours and they literally just still sold everything. All those meats and yogurts that sat in room temperature all day. All the seafood. Half of it in the tanks was dead but they still still called me over to eat there when there were dead fish floating!

There are very few regulations to protect against food poisoning. I just ate at one place that had a generator but I feel bad for all the travelers who will arrive in the city and buy something that has sat out all day long. Take care my friends. I will update on the rest of the adventures soon. If you have had any similar experiences please comment and share your story. Follow my instagram to watch the regular stories @goldilocks.adventures


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